CornerStone Dressage FAQs

  1. What is the best way to contact the Secretary for the Dressage Shows?
     Email to
  2. Do you accept late entries?  
    YES!  Late entries are accepted (with a late fee) if the start times have not been completed.
    If the start times are completed and there is room, late entries will also be accepted.
  3. Where do I get a prize list and entry forms?
     These are posted on our website.
  4. Can I change my ride time?  
    Sorry we are unable to change your ride time unless someone scratches in the same class.  Please contact the Secretary for this information.
  5. How do I get my ride times?
    Times will be available on this site approximately 7 days prior to the show.
  6. What is your policy for scratches or for not informing management of a scratch?  
    Once the show has started, there are no refunds on any fees.  Please see the prizelist for Scratched entries.
  7. Where can I get copies of the tests?  
    Most of the tests can be found on and

Show Ground tips

  • How do I find my stall when I get there? 
    Stabling charts are posted outside the office at the Pavilion and on the Stabling board as you come in the driveway.
  • Can I ride my horse in the dressage rings the day before the show?
    Yes you may.  From dawn to dusk on Thursday only
  • Where can I lunge my horse? 
    You may lunge in the designated lungeing rings only.  Lungeing is not allowed in any warm up or competition ring.
  • What time are office hours? 
    The office will be open on Thursday from approximately 9 am to 5 pm.  The office will be open by 7 am each show day.  All changes or requests to the office must be made before 4 pm each show day.
  • Can I bring my dog? 
    If it is necessary to bring your dog, it must be leashed at all times.  Please clean up any messes.
  • Can I move my horse next to my friend's in another area? 
    Please do not change your assigned stall location without talking to management unless it is within your barn group.
  • I want to stable with my friends at the next show. 
    If you are coming with a group please list all the names on one stabling sheet to help the show organize the stabling.
  • What do I do if I have a horse that doesn't like its neighbour? 
    The show cannot guarantee that there will be empty stalls beside or behind your stall.  You will need to bring plywood to separate your stall from the next one. 
  • May I use an empty stall that is beside mine? 
    Absolutely NOT! 
    The horse show is billed for all stalls occupied each day.  If you use an empty stall for tack, feed etc. the horse show will be charged and we will have to pass the cost on to the competitor using the stall.  If you require an additional stall for use as a tack stall please check with the office.



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